Dress Up Costumes For Kids

Remember back in the day, when we were children ourselves? I am really sure that you owned some dress up costumes for kids. Either that or you put together some of your favourite clothes.

This was done with the best intent to try and look like your hero at the time. Do you not remember the fantasy worlds we created to pretend to be our heroes and so on….

Using the imagination is very important in a child’s development. It is a real form of expression and also all of the time they (The child) are playing a character do not forget they are learning more.

A Perfect Example Of Dress up Costumes For KidsDress Up Costumes For Kids


Throughout this site you are going to discover lots of dress up costumes for kids to wear to play their favourite roll.

It is a well known fact that we as the adult see children having a lot of fun when playing these characters, and it should be encouraged not grumbled at. They are having innocent fun after-all!

Super Heroes And Villains

I shall be listing some super heroes and villains as a child does not see the villain in the way that we do. To him he is the “Baddie”, The enemy of their chosen character, and that is it!

One thing all new parents will soon come to realize is it is not just boys who like to escape to their imaginary world, no, girls “Play” it too.

It is also a very well known fact that young boys like to play anything army or superman and so on, girls like to copy their mother and play house, or one of their other role models, and that is their teacher.

This Is A Great Hair-Stylist Dress Up

As I alluded to previously the heroes and villains thing is very easy to explain. The young boy will see it in black and white. It is a case of good versus evil. And in all of the cartoons, stories and films they watch good always triumphs over evil.

Winner, Winner, Winner

So, in other words whatever games they are playing they will be the winner, winner, winner and let us face it. Everyone wants to win right? Even grown-ups.

With girls, they play house because they are simply copying the behaviour of their mother. Children are like a sponge and they learn certain actions and behaviour very easily. They see the positive rather than the negative and just repeat what they see.

The term copy-cat springs to mind.

So, in short, here you will find every costume for every adventure they wish to go on and it is your job to allow them this harmless privilege.

Remember it actually helps an array of learning functions from speech all the way through to knowing right from wrong. So, these imaginary conversations are actually benefiting them enormously!